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Capital Market Lawsuits


The Market Ombudsman has been inundated with calls and emails by people who are interested in filing lawsuits for losses suffered in th stock market either against the Banks, the officers of the banks, the regulatory authorities including CBN, SEC, NSE etc.

We need people to show their intention to join some of these lawsuits by completing the Guest Form on thi page under each possible lawsuit. Those who show their intention will then be contacted in due course to initiate he necessary papers required to make the lawsuits a reality.

Please complete the forms and provide sufficient information for us to determine if you are a good candidate to join this lawsuit. Only pre-qualfied candiates will be contacted for further processing.

With the startling revelations coming in the wake of the financial crisis in Nigeria, it has become clear that some so-called accounting firms were in collusion with some bank boards to present false statements to the public in what can be described as a shameful Conspiracy of Criminality to mislead and defraud Nigerian investors.

Both the EFCC and the CBN, in several pronouncements, and in some court documents filed against deposed bank executives, have claimed that the AUDITING FIRMS of some of these institutions were implicated in the falsification of accounts to deceive the public into thinking the banks were more viable than they really were by presenting two different sets of accounts.

If these serious allegations are true, the law provides for shareholders or anybody who relied on those information to seek redress against the auditors. The Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) also made provisions for liabilities of auditors for false statements in accounts.

This poll is to get people to sign up to join possible lawsuits against any of the auditing firms implicated in this sordid affair. By suing them for serious damages, we not only help to sanitize the system but we also send a message that it will no longer be business as usual.

If you believe in enthroning Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in our finanical sector, pls join this petition to begin a class action lawsuit and challenge the business as usual mentality of these audtiors to ensure that this criminal acts are not swept under the table


You can contact us to Report A case, Give Information, Alert us to a possible case of interest in the Market or Request information by using the information below.

Please let your comments be as clear as possible with your contact information if you need us to contact you for follow up